How to seal outdoor furniture?

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Winter is coming and I need to prepare my patio decor!

I have delayed protecting my recently DIYed outdoor wooden sofas enough already (interested on the free and complete outdoor sofa build, click here). It has started to rain in the Pacific North West and I have noticed some mold growing already on some parts of the wooden sofa!

Step 1

Therefore, the first step was to clean the entire sofa. I would sand any mold that does not come off easily before sealing. Preferably protect any outdoor wooden furniture before it even starts to rain to avoid having to resand.

Step 2

Polycrylic and polyurethane are widely used to protect outdoor wooden furniture. I decided to use a water based polyurethane as I stained my sofas with a water-based stain. If you used an oil based stain, then make sure to use an oil-based polyurethane.

Step 3

Store anything that can potentially grown mold. I definitely needed to wash the dropcloths I used as curtains on the pavilion as they had ash from the recent fires or mold growing on them. I was not quite sure if it was indeed mold. In any case, I cleaned the dropcloths along with the pillow and mattress covers with bleach before storing them. I also stored my mattresses away until I reuse them next spring. If you have mold growing on any of your patio decor, bleach is your best friend. I water down some bleach before applying it to anything, but if the mold is not coming off, then apply bleach directly! That is why I love white covers as they are super easy to clean with bleach as a last resort with stubborn stains or mold.

We will continue to use this patio during fall and winter as the pavilion offers enough coverage and the firepit offers enough heat. Plus, my kids love watching movies and roasting marshmallows there. As such, I will keep the projector screen that rolls away underneath our pavilion’s roof as it is sufficiently protected under there. We will just bring out our small projector when we hang out out there for movie nights.

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I will keep you posted on how well the polyurethane seals out water!

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