Easy and Inexpensive Fall Table Decor: Fall Dollar Tree



Get the look

Step 1

Dollar Tree Mini-Pumpkins

Five dollars worth of mini pumpkins from the Dollar Tree. These pumpkins were originally colored orange and painted white; or purchase white Mini-Pumpkins.

Step 2

Gather the mini-pumpkins, pine cones, and fall flowers. This shows three dollars worth of fall flower bouquets from the Dollar Tree.

Step 3

Tie the napkins with the string. After cutting each flower from the bouquet with a diagonal plier, fold the stems in half. Then, clip the cute little pumpkins to the top, front of the stem. Finally, add the stem to the napkin’s string.

Step 4

Add your plate settings and silverware.

Step 5

A cute center piece will add the finishing touch! This can be anything you already have in your home. Just add some autumn touches. A battery powered candle set was placed on top of a large wooden plank, and simply decorated with a few fall leaves, flowers, and pinecones. Leftover flowers were added to the large light fixture!

A minimalistic approach is to always use what you already have. Therefore, the number one decor tip is that when purchasing new or large decor pieces, buy neutral colored items only. This will allows you the flexibility to add an array of seasonal decor for many years to come.

Have fun creating and styling your own unique centerpiece!

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