A Minimalist Thanksgiving and Christmas

What makes these two holidays so special?

It might be the recollection of all the memories from past years and the anticipation of the soon to be made memories and even eating family recipes!

Some might say these two holidays have been overwhelmingly commercialized and the true meaning of giving and family has been lost.

For the sake of being optimist, COVID-19 restrictions are refocusing many of us to acknowledge the importance of quality time with loved ones.

Season Decor

By adding a few seasonal decor pieces we can add ambiance to these special moments and to the joy created during these times.

Below are a few simple tips.

Minimalist Decor

The simpler, the better. By keeping the decorations to a minimum, you can dedicate more time to other preparations.

For Christmas or Thanksgiving a wreath or seasonal banner over a fireplace, a main entrance or wall will suffice. Add a few faux or real flowers and greenery to the space to finish it off.

For Christmas, a Christmas tree is a musteven those who are not religious, can partake and benefit from displaying a Christmas tree. It really does create a tinkling backdrop for all those winter memories!

Check out how to do this $10 rustic Christmas tree decoration!

Dinning Table

Even if the rest of the house is not updated seasonally, a dinning room can be that special room that can be momentarily transformed with a few easy updates.

To simplify things, focus on maintaining solid neutral colored chargers, tables and chairs. This will provide a blank canvas that will allow for seasonal decor to take center stage.

A DIY center piece can be easily made with a few candles, a few faux flowers, real greenery or some seasonal pieces, such as mini pumpkins or mini Christmas trees. Pine cones are inexpensive and work for both holidays!

Below a seasonal frame, faux leaves, pine cones and a table mini-blackboard name tag was added to each charger to complete the Thanksgiving dinning room.

Click on the image to check out these rustic and reusable wooden bark table car holders.

The sense of smell

The baked goods during these holidays usually do the job of making the house smell great!

However, if you want to add a particular seasonal smell, add a candle, aroma diffuser, or simply add a few cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon to a boiling pot to disperse a wonderful seasonal aroma.


  • 4 Cups of Water
  • 4 Cinnamon Sticks or 4 TBSPs Ground Cinnamon

Bring to a boil and enjoy! Be careful not to burn yourself.

Happy Holidays!

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