$10 DIY Rustic Christmas Tree Decoractions (Dollar Tree)

Find the beauty in nature and simplicity!

Doing the following will give any Christmas tree a beautiful and rustic feel.

The fact that it is inexpensive can be a perfect alternative to anyone trying to do something new this Christmas or anyone on a budget!



  • Hot glue
  • Glue sticks

Step 1

If you have a reusable Christmas tree, take the time to spread the faux stems. It will help cover any empty spots.

You could also purchase some filler stems.

Step 2

After buying some pine cones — or picking some up from a backyard — use hot glue to attach each piece of string to each pine cone.

Ideally, decide on a preferred string size before cutting the rest of the string pieces.

Step 3

Then, stain the wooden letters (from Dollar Tree) using a brown tone stain. I kept the tag string that came with it and just took off the tag.

Step 4

Add a garland. I used a bead garland I had on hand.

You could DIY a garland using brown, beige or golden ribbon, or even fabric or burlap. See below.

DIY Burlap Garland

Step 5

As a finishing touch, I added a wooden star (purchased at Dollar Tree)! The same brown stained from above was used.

Happy Holiday!

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