Patio Coverage Ideas

Are you in the market to cover your outdoor space? Do you have too much sun or too much rain in your area? Quality, aesthetics, and price are traded offs in choosing the best selection.

Gazebos, pavilions, pergolas come in a variety of sizes. They can be hard-top, soft-top, wood or a combination of these.

Metal Outdoor Adjustable Shade Gazebo – Threshold – Approximately $500 -$600

12′ x 12′ Cedar Gazebo with Aluminum Roof – Approximately $1700 – $1900

14 x 12 Wood Pavilion With Aluminium Roof – Approximately $1900 – $2000

Yardistry sell this 14 x 12 Wood Pavilion with Aluminium Roof exclusively through Costco. To get all the details on this build, click here.

The pavilion above was the best fit for our patio area and the aluminum roof was perfect as we mostly get rain in the Pacific Northwest.

You can also try DIYing a pergola yourself.

Here are a few links.

DIY Pergola – Starting at $750

These are just a few of the DIY videos out there to make your own pavilion, gazebo or pergola. DIYs might not be cheaper. It depends on whether you already own the necessary tools, the time required, and, sometimes, the patience to make them.

There are other less expensive solutions available if you still want coverage like shade sails or patio umbrellas. Here are a few linked below.

12′ x 16′ Rectangle Shade Sail – Starting at approximately $60

Sail shades can be tied to nearby structures, to plastic or metal posts purchased online, or to wooden posts purchased at your local hardware store. Three-corner sail shades are even less expensive than this four corner shade.

Sun 20′ Triangle Shade Sail – Approximately $50

Best Choice Products 10ft Offset Hanging Outdoor Market Patio Umbrella w/ Easy Tilt Adjustment – Deep Taupe – $79.99

There are definitely plenty of options in an arrangement of prices and sizes as noted above.

Lastly, wood, brown, gray, white and black colors accommodate various styles.

And if you are a fan of the Minimalist Farmhouse Style, these can all accomplish that look.

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