How to do Fall Farmhouse as a Minimalist on a Budget!

It can be difficult to do seasonal decor while trying to be a minimalist and stay on budget!

To be successful, the key is to find pieces that will stand the test of time! Specially when using flowers or leaves in your decor.

Below you will find the best and most inexpensive fall decor that meets both a farmhouse style and a minimalist approach, whether you are starting from scratch or are searching for something new to add to your fall collection.

My Fall Essentials:


Get the look:

If you want to have the Best Farmhouse Decor Setup, be sure to review the five easy steps that will always guarantee it!

Fall Garlands and Flowers

Not a fan of faux autumn leaves because they look fake? Then, this autumn garland is perfect for you! It includes all the fall colors (yellows, browns and oranges) in its leaves. It does not have super bright colors that make autumn leaves look unrealistic. The garland has a vintage feel and includes cute mini-pumpkins!

A few fall flowers were added to the garlands and secured with floral wire. This is something you can do to any garland to better tie it to surrounding seasonal decor or to embellish a garland. Cut the flowers from the fall flower bouquets at the stem with a diagonal plier. Keeping the stems will allow you to alternatively include them in bases.

Incorporate the fall flowers to all the greenery found throughout your house for a cohesive look. Doing this also saves money and will minimize clutter and storage space. If this is too simplistic for your taste, try adding different fall flowers to each base.

Finding the best fall garlands and flowers is key!

The flowers and garlands shown here are super easy to work with! The brown and orange tones of these fall flowers complement wood and greenery perfectly.

Easy Fall Dinning Decor


These Dollar Tree pumpkins were originally orange and were painted white! To purchase inexpensive white mini pumpkins, click here.

A cute center piece will add the finishing touch! This can be anything you already have in your home. Just add some autumn touches.

A battery powered candle set was placed on top of a large wooden plank along with a few fall flowers, leaves, and pinecones. Leftover flowers were added to the large light fixture!

Large pumpkins are beautiful, but they can use up a lot of storage. A minimalistic approach is to only purchase a few large or medium pumpkins and just buy a bunch of little ones!

Fall Wreath Tutorial

Check out this super easy and inexpensive DIY fall wreath tutorial.

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