$3 DIY Rope Curtain Tie Back and XL Curtain

What you will need:

9 ft x12 ft Medium Duty Canvas DropCloth

1/4 inch rope

Electrical tape (available in black or white)

Hemp Cord

1/2 in. Stainless Steel Crimp Sleeve

#4 Zinc-Plated Steel Screw Eye


Buy the canvas dropcloth that best matches the area to be covered. These come in all sizes. I found this to be the least expensive option when covering a large area.

I ended up using a 9 ft x 12 ft size, cutting it in half, and sowing the part I cut off to prevent it from fraying.


After buying the materials noted above, I spray painted the screw eyes and crimp sleeves in black. Depending on your preference, the steel color could be left alone or it could be spray painted in other neutral colors, such as white or bronze.


Cut the rope to your liking, fold the end and tightly wrap the electrical tape around it. Then, cut a small piece of hemp cord and add it to the end of the rope as you continue to wrap the electrical tape around it.


Add the crimp sleeves to the ends. It should fit snugly. If it is too loose, add more electrical tape. If the fit is too tight, just redo it by wrapping the electrical tape more tightly.


Wrap the electrical tape around the end of the rope. Add the piece of hemp rope. Then, wrap more electrical tape to secure it. Lastly, wrap some hemp rope around the entire end to cover the electrical tape.


Install the screw eye to your preferred location.

Install the curtain rod of your choice, add some drapery rings with clips, and hang the canvas dropcloth.

I would love to see how you style it, specially if you try a different color! Just reach out to me via Instagram.


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