What is “Minimalist Farm Style”? Answer: Minimalist Farmhouse!

Minimalist Farm Style is a place to encourage and provide resources, ideas and tips to anyone looking to turn their space into a home. This site aims to empower you to not wait to buy the perfect home, but to give you the tools to turn your home into a space you love, regardless of budget.

The Minimalist Farm Style combines American Farmhouse style with rustic, modern and Scandinavian influences while being budget-friendly and without the need of major renovations. It allows for personalized decor, woodsy DIYs, and the use of practical, multi-functional or repurposed items. It strives to simplify lives with timeless decor.

Find easy renovating ideas, DIY projects, step-by-step instructions, and budget-friendly updates to create a functional and stylish home; discover seasonal ideas and products to style your home throughout the year.

This is your space; a place that inspires, supports and encourages others to LIVE GRAND WITH SIMPLICITY, STYLE AND KINDNESS.


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Published by minimalistfarmstyle

Home decor enthusiasts, DIYer lover and in search of all things that simplify life and encourage kindness!

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