Easy and Inexpensive Fall Table Decor: Fall Dollar Tree



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Step 1

Dollar Tree Mini-Pumpkins

On my dinning table I added five dollars worth of mini pumpkins. These pumpkins were originally colored orange, which I painted white to better match my decor; they they turned out so cute and perfect!

Step 2

Gather the mini-pumpkins, pine cones, and fall flowers. I used three dollars worth of fall flower bouquets from the Dollar Tree.

Step 3

Tie the napkins with the string. After cutting each flower from the bouquet with a diagonal plier, fold the stems in half. Then, clip the cute little pumpkins to the top, front of the stem. Finally, add the stem to the napkin’s string.

Step 4

Add your plate settings and silverware.

Step 5

A cute center piece will add the finishing touch! This can be anything you already have in your home. Just add some autumn touches. I placed my battery powered candle set on top of a large wooden plank I use in my kitchen, and I simply decorated it with a few fall leaves, flowers, and pinecones. For fun, I added all the leftover flowers to our large light fixture!

As a minimalist, I try to always use what I already have, and when I do purchase large items, I stick to neutral colors. This way I am better able to add my seasonal decor.

Hope you are inspired to do your own unique centerpiece. I would love to see it! Connect and share it with me via Instagram.

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