Easy Patriotic Decor

Blackboards are an easy way to do seasonal updates — and FUN creative outlets!

Planes and flags are common patriotic decor.

However, an inexpensive decorating tip is to use fabric to highlight key seasonal colors. In this example, the blackboard was decorated with two red, blue and white scarfs that were tied together and the baskets were covered with kitchen towels.

This is a minimalist alternative to having to store large seasonal blankets that only get used for a few days out of the year. Fabrics, such as scarfs and towels, are easy to store and can give you the needed splash of color to complete a look.

Kitchen towels and tree flags were used in the above picture. Small flags can be rolled up and easily stored making them the perfect patriotic decor to display around the house! Small kitchen glass bottles or bases can be used to hold them up; Or they can simply be placed inside flower bases already in use throughout the house.

An “I love USA” banner, two additional scarfs and a black and white pillow were all that was added to this fireplace.

This DIY frame was created with the use of a USA map stencil. The flag was reproduced by painting red, white and blue colors in selected areas.

Below is the holiday stencil set used for the pillow:

Holiday Stencil Set

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