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All the opinions and experiences expressed in this blog are that of Gina, the owner of Minimalist Farm Style.

Minimalist Farm Style values the trust provided by all readers and viewers and strives for transparency in all content included in this website and all associated social media accounts.

Minimalist Farm Style aims to provide entertaining and informative content. Our mission is to help improve the lives of readers and viewers through Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects, and through stylish and practical products that fit all budgets. We strive to provide budget-friendly solutions and alternatives.

Minimalist Farm Style will always disclose any material connections: 1) where cash or in-kind payments (including free product or service) is received for advertisement and/or review of a product or service; or 2) where sponsorship (cash or in-kind payments) is provided to review and/or advertise a product or service; When Minimalist Farm Style endorses a product or service, it will always include a link to the entity providing such in-kind payment, cash or sponsorship as reference for the viewer and reader. Minimalist Farm Style will disclose any material connection in all blog posts and all related social media accounts.

Affiliate links occur when a viewer or reader of Minimalist Farm Style clicks a link to a merchant destination and then makes a purchase or submits a lead where Minimalist Farm Style may potentially receive compensation for any traffic or sales generated through it’s review or endorsement.

Minimalist Farm Style is participating in the Sovrn/Commerce Affiliate Program. Sovrn/Commerce is a web-based program that provides a mean for Minimalist Farm Style to earn a referral fee or commission through affiliated links.

Minimalist Farm Style is participating in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon (amazon.com).

Minimalist Farm Style is participating in the RewardStyle affiliate program that provides compensation through affiliate links. Commissions are earned on advertised products purchased by a viewer or reader. Compensation may also be earned through RewardStyle affiliate links provided through brand collaborations or where RewardStyle affiliate links are provided by Minimalist Farm Style whether on this website or other related social media accounts and a purchase is made.

Affiliate links may also include links where discounts and coupons are provided to readers, viewers and when Minimalist Farm Style receives compensation for traffic or sales generated through those discount or coupon links.

Minimalist Farm Style will only share products or services worthy of endorsement and will only affiliate with products that genuinely fit the Minimalist Farm Style brand. All claims, statistics, quotes, warranties or other representations about products or services provided by a sponsor or collaborator should be verified with the manufacturer or provider of such product or service; in no way is Minimalist Farm Style responsible for any issues or problems arising from any product or service purchased from a third-party.

Copyrights and Sharing

Minimalist Farm Style may contain proprietary and confidential information including trademarks, service marks and patents protected by intellectual property laws and international intellectual property treaties. Minimalist Farm Style authorizes you to view and make a single copy of portions of its content for personal and non-commercial use. Our content may not be sold. Distributed Minimalist Farm Style content must be clearly linked to our source and/or display clearly a credit to either “www.MinimalistFarmStyle.com” or “@minimalistfarmstyle” when shared on Instagram. Where sharing our content on Instagram, tag @minimalistfarmstyle and credit @minimalistfarmstyle in the post’s text. And pin to Pinterest as much as you want from this website as it automatically links to our page.

Any third-party trademarks, service marks and logos are the property of their respective owners. Any further rights not specifically granted herein are reserved.

Comment Policy

Comments are encouraged throughout the Minimalist Farm Style blog posts. This is a community of home decor and DIY lovers that is welcoming and encouraging. All viewers and readers’ opinions are valued and everyone must remain respectful at all times.

Links to Third-Party Websites

Minimalist Farm Style contains links to third-party websites and online services that are not covered here. Minimalist Farm Style does not control the practices of these third-party websites and online services, and we encourage you to consult these third parties’ privacy policy, disclaimers, and their terms and conditions to learn about their practices.

Limitation of Liability

All content created by Minimalist Farm Style is provided for information, educational or entertainment purposes. Minimalist Farm Style will do its best to simplify and clearly provide all the necessary steps to complete all DIYs. However, Minimalist Farm Style does not make any claims as to the safety of any project, technique, or resource created or shown by the Minimalist Farm Style website or any associated social account; Minimalist Farm Style is not responsible for any actions taken by any viewer or reader. Homeowners perform projects in their own home at their own risk. Minimalist Farm Style cannot be held liable for any damages caused to any viewer or reader’s home. With constantly changing laws, regulations, standards, rules and codes throughout the world, it is the sole responsibility of each viewer and reader to research and understand their local requirements before undertaking any project. Minimalist Farm Style cannot claim liability for noncompliance with any applicable laws, regulations, standards, rules, and codes for any project done by any viewer or reader after reviewing any content on the Minimalist Farm Style website or any other associated social media account.

Submitted Content by Third Parties

Informational content provided to Minimalist Farm Style and services or products gifted to Minimalist Farm Style simultaneously grant Minimalist Farm Style an irrevocable, worldwide, royalty free license to publish, display, modify, distribute and syndicate related content worldwide. By gifting or providing content to Minimalist Farm Style you warrant that you have the required authority to grant the above license to Minimalist Farm Style.


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