$10 DIY Faux Brick Wall

If you want to create an inexpensive, realistic brick wall, follow the easy steps described below. A bonus to this method, is the ability to match the brick color to existing decor.



Decide on a mortar color. Popular and neutral colors are whites and grays. Then, paint the entire accent wall that color. I like whites, so I painted my entire wall white. While I was at it, I also decided to paint the rest of the room white.

Before Picture

After Painting the Walls White


Mark the Wall

Using a measuring tape decide on a brick size. My brick was three inches in height with various lengths. Measure out the height of the brick along the wall with a measuring tape and mark it vertically with a pencil.

With the help of a level ruler, mark all the horizontal lines. This step assures symmetry. I mistakenly did not connect all my horizontal lines and, as such, my rows are not the same size.


Tape the Wall

First, add the tape horizontally. Then, start at one end and move yourself across the wall as you tape the vertical pieces. I chose not to perfectly aline the vertical pieces as you can see below.


Add the Joint Compound

Once your taping is all done, add the joint compound on all of the wall. There is no special technique to doing this. Just give it as little or as much texture as you would like. I tried to add a lot of texture in order to give it a more realistic look.


Don’t take off the tape!

Don’t take off the tape! Leaving the tape on will help you paint the bricks faster. I lucky though about this before completely taking of the first row of tape!

Very lightly paint the entire wall. Choose the colors that go best with your existing furniture and decor. You can choose between grey, brown, maroon, beige, even a blue or a combination of all of these. It is important you test a small area first. This will assure consistency throughout the wall. If you make a mistake, just repaint it with white.

To prevent any mistakes, water down your initial paint application.

Either water down your color in a cup or use very little paint on your paint brush. You can also whitewash all the brick after you are done painting. I used a very small amount of caramel acrylic paint on a large paint brush and lightly painted across each row.


Remove the tape and voila!

I removed my tape before the joint compound dried. I started around 11a.m. I worked on it — on and off — throughout the day until about 4 p.m. I would definitely recommend removing the tape before the joint compound has dried.

I was very happy with the results and highly recommend it!


To prevent any dust from occurring, add polycrylic to all the brick. I might change the color of my brick, so I have yet to complete this step.

I would love to see your results, specially if you use a different color. Best way to connect is via Instagram.

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