Farmhouse Seasonal Decor

I always wanted to do seasonal decor in my house, but I always found it difficult to match it to my current decor!

Until I figured out the easy formula to establish a flexible framework!


First, you must decide on the area or areas in your home that would best showcase your seasonal updates!

In my house, the entry way is my preferred location to showcase all my seasonal decor.

I then try and update my living room, dinning room and bedroom. For special occasions, such as Christmas, I may end up decorating the entire house! Regardless of how busy I am, I always add some seasonal decor to my entryway. In the above pictures, you can see some of my easy updates!

Step 2 noted below is very important in setting the stage for all your seasonal decorating.


An easy minimalist farmhouse style design requires a white canvas and woodsy decor.

Therefore, the first thing one has to do is paint the walls in a light neutral color, preferably white.

If it is within your budget, shiplap, brick, or board and batten add the best backgrounds!


Add some wood furniture or pieces that highlight a wood-grain texture.


Make sure your regular decor colors are neutral to allow for the splashes of color that seasonal decor usually contains.


If you are a minimalist like myself, you do not want to have a storage room full of seasonal decor, so, in order to avoid too much clutter, just add a few seasonal items to your current decor.

No need to go all out.

A little rearranging of your current decor with a few seasonal pieces can suffice! Small pumpkins for fall, a few flowers for spring, a few small Christmas trees for Christmas, etc.

The above steps guarantee a super easy way to allow for as many seasonal updates as one’s heart desires without having to worry about mismatching pieces!

I would love to hear from you if you find this useful, just reach out to me via Instagram.

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