Spring Minimalist Farm Style

Spring Farm Style Light Fixture!

An easy way to update your dinning room for spring is to add flowers to your existing light fixture. This works on oversized furniture as well. Just adding a few garlands can make a big difference.

I have a bulky light fixture (that takes up a lot of the room) which I was able to cover up with four white flower garlands and five other white flowers to fill in the remaining empty space.

Total cost was $40 (buying before or during the season will always cost more).

Check out how easy it is to decorate! All you need is some green floral wire to secure the flowers and garlands.

Reused Fall Wreath Turned Spring Wreath!


No need to buy a new wreath that takes up storage space. I definitely do not have enough space in my storage or garage as it is!

You can easily create your own personalized wreath with any faux flowers or greenery.

In this video I show you exactly how I reused my fall one. With a few faux roses and greenery, I created my spring wreath!

Green floral wire, pliers, and some extra faux flowers of your choice and greenery is all that is needed!

Spring Farm Style Living Room

The living room is my favorite room to style. I just added a DIY banner, pillow and wall sign.

Here is a full tour of my home with all the spring decor!

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